Assistant Professor at Ryerson University, Ted Rogers School of Management.

I teach, learn, research, & live digital culture.
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Jenna Jacobson, PhD
Assistant Professor
Ryerson University
Ted Rogers School of Management

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movember 4th

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movember 3rd

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movember 2nd

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movember 1st

Welcome to Movember!
Every day I will share a fact about moustaches, men’s health, or Movember.
Join me and my Mo Sistas/Mo Bros for the journey.

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day 30: movember gala partee

“Our partés are quite something ”

The official Gala Partee celebrate the end of Movember. I attended my first Movember gala in Toronto. Instead of dressing to suit my Mo Bro, I wore a Charlie Chaplin outfit. The gala partees are a curious thing! On the one hand its an amazing opportunity to meet up with […]

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day 29: michelle

“the priest wears a moustache”

Michelle is on the final stretch of completing her PhD in History and Philosophy of Science and Technology with her defence scheduled in the coming week. I met Michelle at a workshop on how to be a better teacher/instructor at the university level. I have influence over many students (540 this […]

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day 28: jacqueline

“It’s easier when you make it into a real life experience rather than just facts”

Jacqueline is studying genetics and biology at university. She is currently researching colon cancer for a project.  Importantly, she has found that it is not enough to merely bombard people with facts. A more effective strategy is to share specific case […]

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day 27: raquel

“he said it is getting itchy”

When asked about Movember, Raquel tells me about her cousin in Nippissing who is participating in Movember by growing a moustache. Even though he lives far away, she is able to track his MOgress by checking out his photos and updates on Facebook.

Movember has truly tapped into the social and […]

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day 26: iwona

“I’ve researched prostate cancer”

Iwona is very
informed regarding prostate cancer. She explains to me that it is the most common cancer for men. I’m impressed that she knows this! She makes the link to breast cancer for women, which is precisely what I did in my MA thesis on Movember and the Run for the Cure. […]

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day 25: pampreet

“I know a lot of teachers who grow a ‘stache”

Pampreet opts for a bright and obvious moustache.

She knows about Movember and quite a few friends and teachers have participated in the campaign; however, she is unsure if they raised any money. This begs the question: is it okay to grow a moustache for Movember and […]

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