Upcoming Talks

May 30, 2017: Sampling and Recruiting on Facebook. (with Gruzd)
Canadian Communication Association. Toronto, Ontario.

May 31, 2017: The social media influencer ecosystem.
Canadian Communication Association. Toronto, Ontario.

June 1, 2017: Social media data stewardship: The ethics of social media data use for research. (with Gruzd, Dubois, Kumar, & Mai)
DataPower Conference. Ottawa, Ontario.

October 2017: You’re hired: Examining acceptance of social media screening of job applicants. (with Gruzd & Dubois)
23rd Americas Conference on Information Systems Proceedings. Boston, MA.



Conference Presentations 

Jacobson, J. (2016). So young & pretty: The people behind online communities. Canadian Communication Association Annual Conference. Calgary, Alberta.

Boler, M. & Jacobson, J. (2016). Women’s mediated connectivity and visibility on YouTube. Media Activism Research Conference. Orillia, Ontario.

Jacobson, J. & Mascaro, C. (2015). Movember: Twitter conversations in a hairy social movement. Social Media & Society International Conference. Toronto, Ontario.

Jacobson, J. (2015). “I work in social”: Social media employment and deployment. Canadian Communication Association Annual Conference. Ottawa, Ontario.

McEwen, R., Jacobson, J., & Lin, C. (2015). Mobile & multiple media use across a community’s lifespan: A Canadian longitudinal analysis. International Communication Association: Mobile Pre-Conference. San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Jacobson, J. & Shade, L. R. (2015). Short circuiting the struggle of precarious work. Union for Democratic Communications. Toronto, Ontario.

Jacobson, J. (2015). Authoring social media presence and absence. Intersections | Cross-Sections. Toronto, Ontario.

Jacobson, J. (2014). ‘Tweets are my own’: Bridging the professional/personal divide in the creative industries. Canadian Communication Association Annual Conference. St. Catharines, Ontario.

Shade, L. & Jacobson, J. (2014). ‘Paying our dues’: Young women’s labour in unpaid internships. Canadian Communication Association Annual Conference. St. Catharines, Ontario.

Jacobson, J. (2013). Socially quantified self: Networked branded identity. Social Media and Society International Conference. Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Jacobson, J. (2013).  Influence: The art and power of online identity branding. Canadian Communication Association. Victoria, British Columbia.

Jacobson, J. (2013). This is for everyone: Digital media in the networked ceremony. Canadian Sociological Association. Victoria, British Columbia.

Jacobson, J. (2013). Identity play: Game over. Intersections | Cross-Sections Conference. Toronto, Ontario, Ryerson University.

Jacobson, J. (2012). Destabilizing masculinity and femininity: The performance of gender in philanthropy. International Gender and Language Association Conference. São Leopoldo, Brazil.

Jacobson, J. (2012). Challenging the universal charity brand: Humour in men’s health advertising. Canadian Communication Association Annual Conference. Waterloo, Ontario.

Jacobson, J. (2012). Diseased promotional videos: An analysis of the quintessential embodiment. Gender, Bodies, and Technology Conference. Roanoke, Virginia.

Jacobson, J. (2012). A theatre of the self: The presentation of self in online personal branding. Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference. Boston, Massachusetts.

Jacobson, J. (2010). Moustachioed men and marathon moms: The marketing of cancer philanthropy. The Invitational Masters Student Institute Professional Development Conference. New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Jacobson, J. (2010). Histories of the everyday: The moustache as ribbon. Interface 2010: Residual Histories Conference. Ottawa, Ontario.


Gruzd A., Jacobson J., & Dubois, E. (2016). Challenges and opportunities of doing research with social media data. International Conference on Social Media & Society. London, UK, Goldsmiths University of London.

Jacobson, J. (2012). The act of curation is an act of creation: Social media and identity. #Influence12: Symposium & Workshop on Measuring on Social Media,  Halifax, Nova Scotia, Dalhousie University.

Invited Talks

Jacobson, J. (2017). Social media data stewardship. Information Without Borders. Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Colledge, M., Quan-Haase, A., Jacobson, J., & Middleton, C. (2016). Achieving meaningful participation in the digital economy: A Canadian case-study. Conference on Communications, Information and Internet Policy. Washington, DC.

Jacobson, J. (2016). How three Toronto-based startups are changing the game through social media– Moderator. Social Media Week. Toronto, Ontario.

Jacobson, J. (2016). Tracking conversations in social media campaigns. Social Media Lab. Toronto, Ontario.

Jacobson, J. (2015). Social media for social change – Speaker & Judge, . Ryerson Hub for Business Analytics Hackathon.Toronto, Ontario.

Jacobson, J. (2015). Investing in your network. Kanetix Conference, Toronto, Ontario.

Jacobson, J. (2015). Surviving and thriving: The social media entrepreneur. Community Innovation Lab, Oshawa, Ontario.

Jacobson, J. (2014). Young entrepreneurs & business etiquette. Community Innovation Lab, Oshawa, Ontario.

Jacobson, J. (2014). What millennials wants & HR needs: The next generation of brand ambassadors. Social HR Camp, Toronto, Ontario.

Jacobson, J. (2014). How to get a job in social media. Social Media Café, Toronto, Ontario.

Jacobson, J. (2014). Social media and metrics. Taylor & Francis Group Roundtable, Chicago, Illinois.

Jacobson, J. (2014). Social media and metrics. Taylor & Francis Group Roundtable, New York, New York.

Jacobson, J. (2014, July). From groups to networks: The true meaning of social capital. Keynote Speaker. Social Capital Conference, Ottawa, Ontario.

Wellman, B. & Jacobson, J. (2014). Networked scholarly communication. Seismic Shift: Marketing, Metrics, & Media: Taylor & Francis Group, Toronto, Ontario.

Jacobson, J. (2013). Girls plugged in technology. Rethinc Girls 2013 Conference, Ajax, Ontario.

Jacobson, J. (2012). Tracing your digital footprint to define your personal brand. BlissDom Canada: Social Media for Women, Toronto, Ontario.

Campus & Department Talks

Social media & technology – Panelist (2017)
Women’s Leadership Symposium, Toronto, Ontario

Conflict in communications – Undergraduate guest lecture (2017)
Social Sciences, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Social technologies in society (2017)
Victoria College: Ideas for the World, University of Toronto

Learning management engine: The future of the portal (2016)
Academic Toolbox Renewal, University of Toronto

Technology in society (2016)
Ideas for the World: Victoria College, Toronto, Ontario.

Hustling, cupcakes, & cocktails: Exploring the social media scene (2016)
PhD Research Days, University of Toronto

Social media – Moderator (2015)
Women’s Leadership Symposium, Toronto, Ontario

Started from the bottom now we’re (still) here: Building a brand & career (2015)
PhD Research Days, University of Toronto

KickStart your own slacktivist movement (2015)
The Hancock Lecture Series: Hart House, Toronto, Ontario

Research and applications of new technologies (2014)
Information in Formation: Building a Profession, University of Toronto

Personal branding: Young people living and working in social media (2014)
PhD Research Days, University of Toronto

Making sense of culture & technology: How prescient & relevant is McLuhan today? (2013)
50th Anniversary of the Opening of the Centre for Culture and Technology, University of Toronto

Jacobson, J. & Mascaro, C. (2013). Movember: Tracing the conversations of a social movement in Twitter. PhD Research Days. Toronto, Ontario, University of Toronto. (Awarded third place).

Jacobson, J. (2012). Information curation: The bookmarklet as more than just code. PhD Research Days. Toronto, Ontario, University of Toronto.

Jacobson, J. (2010). Movember: Breast cancer attack, women’s participation, heteronormativity, and masculinity. 4X3 Poster Symposium. Waterloo, Ontario, Wilfrid Laurier University. (Awarded second prize).