day 6: noor

Day 6 Noor“I’m weird, so this is not the weirdest thing I’ve ever done.”

Originally from Iraq and currently living in Mississauga, Noor has lived all over the world. With an academic father who has worked in various countries on contract, Noor can call various countries “home.”

Currently, to she is studying to become a Medical Laboratories Scientist, which she patiently explained to me as something along the lines of seriously complicated laboratory tests. The tests are then used to help in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of disease. How amazing!

I’m no medical scientist, but I do have interest in health, and this Movember, specifically men’s health. Noor recognizes that women are more comfortable talking about health issues than men are; her fiancee and father would only go to the doctor when it’s essential and they know something is wrong.

There are some serious gendered divides on what we believe is socially acceptable. Reflecting on my Movember experience so far, it’s easy to talk to women every day about men’s health, but when I ask if I can take a photo of them with a Mo then the answer is so often No. Women say, “I hate myself in photos.” My answer: why can’t we all learn to love ourselves inside and out. Look after and love your body, soul, and the person you are!

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