day 11: emy

Day 11 Emy“I used to work near CAMH

Emy has worked as a security guard at downtown condos for over 10 years.  Her previous job was at a condo near CAMH (Centre for Addition and Mental Health). In this line of work, she meets all kinds of interesting people who rely on her for safety, security, as well as a friendly greeting.

As we spoke, I kept thinking of the links between personal safety, personal health, and mental health. Someone close to Emy suffered with severe mental illness. At the time, she didn’t know and only later learned about about the support groups and medical records. No one person should bear the weight of illness alone. Support groups are a great way to not feel like you are the only person fighting the battle. There are support groups for prostate cancer, and specific mental health issues that provide awareness, education, and support for the person affected as well as the families. Don’t Mo alone.

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