day 14: chantel

Day 14 Chantel

“I can’t even talk with this. It’s so tickly…”

Chantel graduated from high school about 2 years ago, and looks back fondly as she strokes her (fake) Mo. She specifically remembers the Movember initiatives at her Brampton school. ALL of the male teachers grew moustaches. There were even a few female teachers who donned a fake Mo during the day!

Students were encouraged to donate $1 because all of those small donations really add up in the end. More importantly, I think it’s a way of engaging with the campaign and hopefully learning something along the way too.

I was really impressed by the school’s initiative, which also involved the entire month dedicated to health awareness – prostate health was the focus – but also mental health and sexual health. Chantel explains that Brampton has an aging community, so the students were given pamphlets to give to their grandparents. This exemplifies the theme of this year “Movember and Sons” (although perhaps adding daughters would also be nice). ¬†Talk to your grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren….Inter-generational knowledge exchange is so important and knowledge is power.

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