day 19: MoSista Calendar


“amazing girls coming together for an amazing cause”

There is something really special being part of a team. This weekend my team MoSistasTO launched our calendar with 10o% of the proceeds going to Movember. The launch party was at The Drake. Check out the amazing photos by the talented Kevin Luc, and buy the calendar here.

My 11 inspiring teammates are social media vixens:

January: Alison Michelle Kaizer
February: Amber Mac
March: Jennifer Lee Dawson
April: Lauren O’Neil (Lauren O’Nizzle)
May: Casie Stewart
June: Raymi Lauren White (Raymi the Minx)
July: Jenna Jacobson (well, that’s me)
August: Jen Lui
September: Vyvian To
October: Shannon Hunter
November: Caron Court
December: Lisa Simone Richards

I’m sure you were able to recognize more than a few of these (moustachioed) ladies.

Like having a workout partner, having a team makes you part of something bigger in the Movember journey. Thank you to my MySistasTO for the new friendships and MOtivation.

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