day 22: leslie

Day 22 Leslie“There are three people at the firm growing moustaches”

Leslie is currently an articling student at a big downtown law firm, and in 6 short months will be a full-fledged lawyer. She enthusiastically put on the moustache as we talked about Movember and men’s health. At Leslie’s firm there are a few men who are growing a moustache for Movember.

People who work in fast-paced environments, like law,  that tend to be stressful need to particular pay attention to mental health (Read more). In a Canadian study, only 12% of people would hire a lawyer with a mental illness.The stigma of mental health still exists, which results in some people not seeking treatment.The cycle needs to end and that begins with stigma reduction, prevention, and treatment.

Rich or poor, health is something that affects us all (although lifestyle, risk, and prevention may vary). I wonder what else serves as a bridge between high school students, Queen West hipsters, and Bay Street lawyers? The moustache…and a desire to change the face of men’s health!

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