day 8: stephanie

Day 8 Stephanie“I’m pushing Movember on everyone I know”

Needed to replenish my moustache stash (mind the pun) I headed to Distillery District to shop around for mo’s. I went to one of my favourite stores and saw a whole collection of moustache gear – moustache erasers, magnets, bandaids, wine glass markers, and so forth.

Stephanie is working at the cash register and is wearing a bright orange moustache on her name tag. I learn the shop has registered with Movember and is raising money by asking customers for donations. So far they have raised over $1,000, which is very impressive for 2 Mo Bros and 2 Mo Sistas.

I ask what is their motivation for participating in Movember? Stephanie explained that a colleague’s husband had prostate cancer and is currently recovering from a successful prostatectomy. Craig, a co-worker joins in and even tells me a statistic about prostate cancer. It’s a nice surprise to see a Mo Bro actually talk about men’s health because in these conversations I’m usually the one pushing statistics and facts.

As I look around at all the mo’s for sale, I feel rather conflicted with all the commercialization of the moustache season. On the one hand, companies are purely profiting with no money going towards men’s health. On the other hand, the moustache itself can be used to raise awareness. Women have to develop creative ways of engaging in Movember and purchasing a moustache (or many in my case) may be required. Either way, behind all the commercialization, I was enable to engage in a powerful conversation with Stephanie (and her colleague Craig) about men’s health.

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