day 9: jacobson family

Day 9 Jacobson family“it’s really a family affair”

Health is really not something that one should deal with alone. When something goes wrong (or right) we need our support group. In my case, I am lucky to have an extremely close family – bordering Brady Bunch perhaps…

Every Friday night I have dinner with my entire extended family who are in Canada, which is about 18 people. I am truly lucky to have my family as my friends as well.

I explain to my grandmother, Val, who is obsessed with Facebook what this moustache thing is all about. My mom, Robyn, (top) and aunt Marsha (bottom) are active supporters of Movember have already jumped on board and supported my campaign. Thanks to my not-so-little cousin Gabi and Ma (Miriam) as well for enthusasitically sporting a mo.

This year Movember is important to me for two significant reasons:
1. My late grandfather, Ken, battled and died with prostate cancer
2. My late uncle, Wayne, battled and died by suicide.

Day 9 Jacobson family 2

They both fought their own battles and are sorely missed. Men’s health and mental health is not just a male issue, it’s a human issue because it affects us all. This year, Movember is supporting both prostate cancer and men’s mental health. Both of which have greatly affected my family. They are my true MOtivation…

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