day 24: judy

Day 24 Judy“I am so pleasantly surprised by the timing of this”

Out for a Mo Sista night with Laura, Caron, and Jennifer. We don some mos at Oysterstar and instantly draw a crowd of curious patrons. Patrick, the moustachioed owner introduces us, and also announced that with every $50 donation to our campaign that he would give a free plate of oysters.

Watching Patrick do his magic, I thank Judy and her husband for donating to our campaign. We offer Judy a moustache and she quickly puts it on and wears it like a pro during her entire meal.

Judy is visiting from Ottawa where she is a spiritual care provider in the palliative care unit. Her husband is a psychiatrist, which makes them quite the power couple. Wishing Talking to Judy and husband was a true delight and one of the most memorable conversations I have had.

They were so supportive our Movember efforts and Judy confided in me to say that it is very meaningful for her right now because their best friend was having prostate cancer surgery on Tuesday – a mere 3 days away. Apparently, his wife has been so important in helping him open up about his cancer and also recognize the possible side effects of the surgery. The emotional and physical recovery after prostatectomy is so important. Men with prostate cancer are more likely to suffer with depression and have feelings of being demasculinized. Having cancer does not make one any less of a man! What defines us is how we deal with adversity and challenge.

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