day 25: pampreet

Day 25 Pampreet“I know a lot of teachers who grow a ‘stache”

Pampreet opts for a bright and obvious moustache.

She knows about Movember and quite a few friends and teachers have participated in the campaign; however, she is unsure if they raised any money. This begs the question: is it okay to grow a moustache for Movember and not actively participate in raising money for men’s health – specifically prostate cancer and mental health. The answer is yes…and no…or more precisely, somewhere in the middle.

For my campaign this year, I have raised some money, but for me opening up the conversation to a wider audience was always my chief objective.  Problems arise when men opt to grow a moustache for fun and do not actually  participate in furthering the objectives of the campaign. So, I personally belief that even if a man is not actively fundraising, if he is actively raising awareness by having powerful conversations about the importance of men’s health then he has done his role as a Mo Bro.

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