day 26: iwona

Day 26 Iwona

“I’ve researched prostate cancer”

Iwona is very
informed regarding prostate cancer. She explains to me that it is the most common cancer for men. I’m impressed that she knows this! She makes the link to breast cancer for women, which is precisely what I did in my MA thesis on Movember and the Run for the Cure. Iwona recognizes the importance of Movember because there is very little done to specifically target men and men’s health. In comparison, she said breast cancer is advertised a lot more, and it is true.

What will the future of the Movember campaign bring? Every year, Movember is more successful at raising money and awareness for men’s health. I have traced the trajectory of the campaign in my research since its early beginnings in Canada and I look forward to the continual evolution, change, and improvement of the campaign next year.

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